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Story and Book
Ken Jones

Music by Jamey Strawn          Lyrics by Christine Jones

Additional Material
Roderick Justice

A new campy, cheeky, audacious musical comedy.  The ladies of the Umatilla Second Christian Church Women’s Auxiliary League are getting together to produce their annual Mother’s Day Pageant.  Six men play every character in this singing, acting, dancing, improv tour de force. As the ‘Church Girls’ prepare for their pageant, chaos and calamity bring out less than ‘saintly’ behavior.  The result is Heaven sent hilarity!

“It’s hoot. Actually, that is too mild a word.  At its heart, this is a showcase for six journeymen actors (and one musician) to strut their prodigious talents…The result is like the funnyman’s version of an ESPN highlight reel – nonstop humor from first-rate pros.  When they turn their attention to the serious business of humor – to primping and eyelash-batting, to hip-wiggling, to catty banter, to the deliciously clever maze of men playing women who are mocking men – it’s a ball.”—Review by David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer, 2010--

Meet the Church Girls at: www.churchgirlsthemusical.com


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