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DEAD TO THE LAST DROP- Interactive Murder Mystery


The Action of the play occurs at a local coffee shop and bookstore called CAFÉ CAFFEINE.

In this fast-paced Act, the characters and the Café are introduced. The play is seemingly heading in one direction, but suddenly, there is a murder! An act break is not necessary between Acts I and II.

The first half of ACT II finds the characters in shock after the murder. Our detective reveals himself, and some interesting facts begin to trickle out of the suspects.
The second half of ACT II includes the audience. The Actors realize that they are being watched, and then they invite the audience into their world. The Actors reenact the events leading up to the crime with the audience making sure they do it correctly.



This Act should open with all the surviving actors available for questioning by the audience. This session is completely improvisational, but based on the previous text. The question and answer session should last about 20 minutes.

At this point, the detective will continue with a small scene to engage the actors back into the play and present some clues to help set up the endings. Finally, the detective will ask the audience to vote on which actor they wish to see found guilty, and that ending will be played out.

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